Welcome to Hemp Lass, where we empower business owners in the hemp and cannabis industries through better communication and presentation skills.


After decades of absence and years on the “naughty list,” our old friend hemp has returned to the consumer market! As a result, you can imagine that people have some questions about this misunderstood and once-vilified plant. Here at Hemp Lass, we work to provide quality education about the hemp plant and the growing industry, and we help business owners do the same by improving their communication and presentation skills.


It’s time to engage with your audience to build a connection and start the conversation. We partner with industry leaders and business owners to highlight the innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity occurring in the hemp space. We help you make sure when you present your brand or mission you are connecting to the audience, customer, or client.


How do you get heard above all the noise? Speaking is essential for your business success, and yet the thought of it makes many entrepreneurs run for the highlands! However, the stakes are too high not to be heard. We provide consulting and training to empower your speaking and communication skills so your cannabusiness can thrive.

How can you create engagement and empower YOUR message? Email me to schedule a discovery call and let’s find out!

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