Microphones and call to speak publically

Speak Up: Up-Level Your Public Speaking Skills; Hemp Needs Your Voice!

After training and coaching thousands of people on how to improve their public speaking and communication skills, there is one consistent thing; public speaking triggers vulnerability for many. Most people would prefer to attend their funeral than give a speech. The world needs you to be here as long as possible, especially professionals in the hemp and cannabis industries. So, we need to reframe vulnerability and how we approach speaking, and that is what we do at Hemp Lass, LLC

Dr. Brene Brown, a shame researcher, and the best-selling author, states, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage are not always comfortable, but they are never weakness.” I know that when people are working through their public speaking anxiety, it can make people feel weak in the knees, but it’s genuinely just adrenaline working for you. When you elevate your voice, whether this is at a networking event or a signature talk on stage,  getting your message out there is priceless, especially for business owners, entrepreneurs, or organization leaders. Think about it as a business owner you are putting yourself, your energy, your passion out there, and this can be terrifying and thrilling! However, the stakes are too high not to get your business out there. So, we have to sit down, take a breath, and make the decision to be courageous and speak publically.

Make the decision to be courageous and speak publically.

We all struggle with certain aspects of building our businesses. As an entrepreneur, I have agonized about the details,  to the point where I got in my way! The inner perfectionist comes out, and yet I coach my speakers to get comfortable with being prepared and authentic with their audiences, and this means perfection is not the goal, creating a connection is.

So why is getting out of the way and starting to speak so important?  I was at a networking event and was chatting with a woman whose hemp business was growing at an impressive rate, and I complimented her growth. Her response was, “Actually, I’m scared to have it grow more because then I am going to get asked to take on more training and have to speak to larger groups.” Everything in me screamed, “NOOOO, this is such an opportunity, and speaking is a skill you can learn to love!” Because of the fear of speaking, she was willing, at the time, to slow her business to avoid getting on a stage. I have heard statements like this too many times, and I have seen people play it small to avoid having to speak.

You have an opportunity to connect to your ideal client or customer when you speak.

We need more voices out there to help clarify the misinformation propagated since the prohibition and criminalization of this plant family. When you work in disruptive spaces, like the hemp and cannabis industries, there is more need and responsibility to ensure how we are speaking about our products, services, and organizations are providing positive representation. And an added benefit is when you are presenting, you have an opportunity to connect to those who may be the ideal client, customer, or collaborator, for your canna-business. If you are ready to get out of your way and to enhance your speaking skills, let’s have a hemp chat and set up a discovery call.

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