I am an accidental hemp geek and advocate. I grew up with the DARE program and was skeptical when the legalization of cannabis began in Colorado. There was a disconnect between what I had was taught and what I was now experiencing and learning. It took becoming open to understanding how I might use some more natural plant-based options or the ever-growing sense of burn-out and overwhelm I was feeling. My life was topsy-turvy, and I felt entirely out of balance.

I remember my mother coming to me after running into a former colleague from the clinic she had worked at before retiring. She had run into him, and in conversation, I came up. He said, “tell her to go to a dispensary and ask for CBD.” As she told me this encounter, her face said it all, the look of shock that she was offering this advice to her daughter. The sky was officially falling. I formally had broken my mother, or perhaps I had just heard her wrong? We found ourselves giggling through the moment, with me finally asking, “wait are you being serious?” Her answer was, “Well, it might help.”

My life was topsy-turvy, and I felt entirely out of balance.

I sought advice and started to learn more about what CBD (cannabidiol) was abundant in the hemp plant, and I choose to try a hemp-derived CBD product. What does that mean? It means it has under the level of .03% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and does not produce the psychoactive effect, but that was all I knew at the time. However, I was open to trying new alternatives to wellness.

I decided to see how it would work for me, and I became a seeker of more knowledge about this plant. I felt like I was falling back into balance and felt present for the first time in a while. It was the beginning of my hemp journey and the evolution of my first business, Hemp Lass. I had no idea that hemp would allow my entrepreneurial spirit, which I had been ignoring, to find a place in the world. I hope you join in, follow my journey, and find your path if you’ve been wondering about this industry or have been canna-curious.

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