Communications skills coaching for hemp and cannabis professionals

Communication skills are vital in business, and it’s no different for professionals in the hemp and cannabis industries.  Articulating and delivering impactful messages is a powerful way to positively influence your business and your industry.

I’ve been aware of the power of one’s voice since I was young and was asked,Why does your voice sound like that?” You see, at age five I arrived in the United States with a thick British accent. My parents spoke in an even thicker Shetland (Scottish) dialect! My new friends and schoolmates had trouble understanding me, and as you’d expect, I experienced a vocal identity crisis at a young age! You can take the lass to Colorado, but you can’t take her love for the Highlands and Islands away!

I provide training and consulting for those seeking to take their presentation and communications skills to the next level.

As CEO of Hemp Lass, LLC, I work with industry partners to enhance how they present their cannabis story, and I empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with better communication.

As the hemp industry evolves, understanding how your message is received is an essential and important responsibility. Speaking to a captive audience is still one of the best ways to connect to your ideal client, customer, or collaborator. I work with clients to strengthen their communication skills so that their mission, business, and message resonate. Let me help you break through the noise, be remembered, and continue the conversation with the right people.

Email me to schedule a discovery call and let’s find a way to Empower YOUR message!