public speaking skills education for hemp and cannabis professionalsThe hemp and cannabis industries are in growth mode, to say the least. If you’re in the industry it may seem that there is a new competing product, service, or policy change nearly every day. You’re right. It’s noisy right now, but there is one powerful way to get your message out with clarity and determination: by improving your public speaking skills.

Why is developing your public speaking skills so important for growing your business, service, or organization serving the cannabis and hemp industries? When you speak well, you have a captive audience. You can post, share, write, chat, and message, but when you speak you have an audience that is present with you. If you can connect with the audience and speak your message in a way that engages them, you can then start the conversation with the right people and make the right connections.

In a world of quick likes and comments, you need to empower your speaking skills to elevate your canna goals.

The great news is that public speaking skills are learned. With the right tools, you can develop your authentic speaking voice and become your own spokesperson with the right tools. I serve my clients at all levels, from those who are terrified simply at the thought of speaking publicly to those who are already speaking but are ready to uplevel their impact.

There are three primary ways you can work with me:

Kerry_Moncrieff_Hemplass_Speaking-workshops Kerry Moncrieff Hemplass Speaker's Coach Kerry Moncrieff Hemplass Speaker's Coach

Education Through Workshops

I offer a variety of workshops, both in person and virtual,  to help you or your team clarify your speaking purpose, messaging goals, and basic presentation skills.

Elevate Your Speaking Skills

Within a small group, I’ll help you practice your speaking skills and improve the clarity of your message. You’ll learn how to redesign a two-minute pitch into a 30-second intro or develop it into a signature talk.

Empower the Stage

Are you ready to take the stage with your signature talk? I’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure you are prepared with an excellent talk, a delivery that engages, and a plan to follow-up that will help you start new conversations and capitalize on new business opportunities

Schedule a discovery call and let’s find a way to
Engage your audience and Empower YOUR message!

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